Tongue Tie and Speech

An undiagnosed or untreated tongue tie may negatively effect speech. If your child is struggling with certain sounds and words and has been assessed by a speech therapist we encourage you look further into the possibility of tongue tie causing issues with speech. Reflect on your child’s past feeding habits and possible history of colic and reflux to see if any of those symptoms could point to a tongue tie that has been left undiagnosed. We don’t encourage treating a tongue tie to prevent speech issues. We believe that there can be a number of causes for speech problems and tongue tie is just one of the many possible reasons

Speech Symptoms With Tongue Tie:

While these symptoms may be red flags to evaluate for tongue function, some of them may be caused by other factors like developmental delays, hearing difficulties, etc.

  • Difficulty with sounds like L, T, D, N, SH, TH, R, or S once a child is past the age when these sounds are mastered

  • Delayed speech milestones

  • Prolonged need for speech therapy with slow progress

  • Speech that sounds “slushy” or unclear

  • Lisps

  • Unclear speech when sentences are longer and conversations are more complex


*This information taken directly from with permission from    Dr. Agarwal.

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