Tongue Tie and Solid Foods

At times, the difficulty and discomfort a baby is experiencing during and after a feeding can be related to restriction in the tongue caused by a tongue tie.  An upper lip tie can limit the ability of the baby’s upper lip to form an adequate seal while feeding, causing gas pain and fussiness. This can cause discomfort & stress for parents, baby and the whole family.


Symptoms of Tongue Tie Related to Solid Feeding

While these symptoms may be red flags to evaluate for tongue function, some of them may be caused by other factors such as low muscle tone, sensory processing difficulties, gastro-esophageal reflux, etc.

  • Gagging with purees/spoon feeding

  • Tongue thrusting when foods are presented

  • Excessive spillage of food from the mouth

  • Pocketing of foods in cheeks and/or the roof of the mouth

  • Difficulty managing mixed textures (ie: chunks of meat in sauce, pieces of pasta in soup)

  • Avoiding certain foods

  • Difficulty with textured foods – chunky, thicker purees, oatmeal, etc.

  • Difficulty with complex solids like meats, breads, raw vegetables, etc. that require more efficient chewing patterns

  • Prolonged mealtimes and frequent reminders to chew, to take another bite, to not pocket foods

  • Extremely small bites of food, and prolonged times to clear food in mouth

  • Needing to drink a liquid between bites to clear the food

  • Dipping foods excessively to moisten them


*This information taken directly from with permission from Dr. Agarwal.

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