Our Goals



  • Assist parents that have babies with symptomatic lip and tongue ties;
  • Collaborate with like-minded healthcare providers in executing the best care possible;
  • Contact private pediatric offices to discuss the importance of diagnosing symptomatic lip and tongue ties:
    • If a parent suspects ties – We CAN HELP
    • If baby is experiencing any breastfeeding difficulties possibly related to ties – We CAN HELP
    • If baby has acid reflux, colic, etc. that is not improving – We CAN HELP


  • Change the culture around ties so that checking for them becomes part of the routine pediatric and dental well-child visits;
  • Work with insurance companies to provide coverage for frenectomies related to lip and tongue ties;
  • Provide trainings and materials to hospitals, medical/dental/nursing providers and educational institutions to enhance awareness of lip and tongue ties;
  • The possibilities are endless!

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