Breastfeeding Symptoms


Infant Symptoms:

  • Difficulty latching and/or maintaining a deep latch

  • Frequent unlatching and re-latching

  • Clicking sounds on the breast

  • Leaking/dribbling on the breast

  • Gumming the nipple

  • Tucked upper/lower lip when on the breast

  • Persistent suck blisters

  • Spitting up frequently

  • Frustration and/or breast refusal

  • Poor weight gain

  • Fussiness at breast and in-between feedings

  • Gassiness

  • Difficulty bottle-feeding when breastfeeding is being supplemented

Maternal Symptoms:

  • Nipple “flattening”/whitish compression stripes post-breastfeeding

  • Bleeding, cracked, scabbed or blanched nipples

  • Vasospasms

  • Severe nipple pain while breastfeeding

  • Plugged milk ducts

  • Low milk supply

  • Mastitis

  • Thrush

  • Frustration and anxiety associated with breastfeeding

  • Difficulty bonding with the baby

*This information taken directly from website with the permission of Dr. Agarwal.

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