Bottle Feeding Symptoms

Symptoms of Tongue Tie Related to Bottle Feeding:

While these symptoms may be red flags to evaluate for tongue function, some of these may be caused by other factors like a fast flow rate, swallowing difficulties or dysphagia, gastro-esophageal reflux, etc.

  • Difficulty latching to the bottle

  • Needing to trial several bottle systems to find one the child will take

  • Gagging when bottle nipple is presented

  • Chewing/gumming the bottle nipple

  • Clicking sounds while sucking

  • Collapsing the nipple

  • Pulling away from the bottle frequently

  • Dribbling while feeding

  • Coughing during feeds

  • Prolonged feeding times (over 30 minutes to complete age appropriate volumes)

  • Falling asleep/fatigue during bottle feeds

  • Gassiness, air intake, frequent spit ups

  • Upper lip curling inwards when sealed on the bottle


*This information taken directly from with permission from Dr. Agarwal.

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